Alchemist’s Mystery

The story takes place in the sixteenth century on the Wawel castle, when an alchemist Twardowski appeared at the court of King Zygmunt August. He quickly became his right hand. The king showered him with favors and valuables. Unfortunately, the rest of the nobility, which was removed from the ruler and deprived of favors, did not like it at all. They suspected a conspiracy. You and your team have to discover this mystery. You found that Twardowski has been spotted coming out of St. Joseph’s crypt, in the evenings. You suspect that he didn’t pray there, as he is not a religious person. That’s why you do have a feeling, that his laboratory is there. If you would not manage to reveal his secret within an hour, Twardowski will find you there. And it will be not a kind meeting… Will you discover a secret before an one hour?