Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
1. Each person who makes a reservation on www.exitgame.pl or by phone at one of our employees is obliged to read these rules and to provide the content to other participants of the game.
2. During the game at Combinator Krakow exitgame, participants are obliged to follow these rules and recommendations of employees.
3. Booking:
3.1. Reservations can be made using the form on the website www.exitgame.pl, by phone at the number: 519 396 622, by e-mail, by writing to info@exitgame.pl or in person at ul. Piekarska 9/2 in Krakow.
3.2 When making the booking, please provide the following information:
a) number of participants
b) the name of the selected room
c) date and time of booking
d) language of instruction (Polish or English)
e) contact telephone number
f) email address
g) additional information (eg invoice, use of a voucher, implementation of a discount code, etc.).
3.3 Always check whether confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address after booking
Note: it sometimes happens that despite not receiving the confirmation, the reservation is shown in our system, so please always contact us if you do not receive an email confirming your reservation
3.4 The reservation can be canceled or changed by phone, e-mail or in person at the latest 24 hours before the planned game.
3.5 On the day of the game or on the previous day, one of the employees may call the number provided during the reservation to confirm the presence.
3.6 Providing an incorrect phone number or wrong e-mail address may result in the cancellation of the reservation by one of our employees.
4. Game:
4.1. The game at Combinator Krakow exitgame takes place in one of three rooms: Krakow Beast, Pirate Ship, Alchemist Mystery.
4.2 If there are people under 13 in the game without a guardian or disabled people, please report it to the employees of Combinator Krakow exitgame in advance. Employees may decide that care will be required during such a game.
4.3 Two to five players can participate in the game. In exceptional situations possible participation of the 6th person in the room depending on the day and time of entry.
4.4 The game in the room lasts 60 minutes. However, you should reserve 90 minutes for the game, introduction, toilet, organizational issues and taking a commemorative photo.
4.5. Persons under the influence of alcohol or intoxicants may not participate in the game. Employees of Combinator Krakow exitgame have the right to refuse to accept the group if any of the participants did not comply with this rule.
4.6 During the game, you must not use cell phones or other electronic devices. Participants undertake to leave phones and other equipment in cabinets or employees of Combinator Krakow exitgame. If employees notice that the participants of the game use mobile phones or cameras, they have the right to take the equipment for the duration of the game, to ask the person using the equipment to leave the room or to stop the whole group.
4.7 Participants of the game should appear at the headquarters of Combinator Krakow exitgame 10 minutes before the start of the game. Employees of Combinator Krakow exitgame have the right to refuse to participate in a group that is more than 15 minutes late.
5. Safety rules
5.1 In each room in which the door is closed with an electric lock, there is a button (Panic Button) which automatically opens the door.
5.2 The rooms have elements marked with a crossed-out hand symbol, intended for internal use only – do not touch them during the game.
5.3 People suffering from epilepsy should contact the employees of Combinator Krakow exitgame before playing.
5.4 In the event of non-compliance with the regulations and / or recommendations of employees of Combinator Kraków exitgame, employees have the right to ask participants of the game from the site. In this case, players are not entitled to a refund.
5.5 Combinator Krakow exitgame is not responsible for damage to property and personal faults caused by participants.
5.6 In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply accordingly.
5.7 All participants take part in the game at their own risk.
5.8 Participants of the game undertake to not hinder or disturb other people using the premises.
6. Payment
6.1 Payments on-site at Combinator Krakow exitgame can be made only in cash in PLN, in Euro or by Gift Voucher.
6.2 The cost of the game depends on the number of players and the room. The pricelist is located in a separate tab.
6.3 Payments must be made before the start of the game, or immediately after it ends.
7. Vouchers
7.1 Gift Voucher can be purchased at the Combinator Kraków exitgame office, ordered by phone, via the form on the website or by e-mail. The voucher is issued for a specific amount, it entitles you to one-time play in one of our rooms. Depending on the price list, the recipient can choose the room name and the number of players.
7.2. The gift voucher remains valid for six months from the date of purchase.
7.3 To use the Voucher, you must book any unoccupied term to any room and include “gift voucher” in additional information.
8. Personal data
8.1 When booking an escape room through the service, you must provide your personal details necessary to complete the order, such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number. When booking a voucher by courier or traditional mail, you also provide us with your address. In the case of an invoice request, we also receive personal information from you. By making a reservation in our system, you automatically agree to their processing for the purposes of booking and for marketing purposes related to the Combinator Krakow exitgame.