Exitgame is a quest-game for 2-5 people: a team of friends or family with children over 8 years (it won’t be so interesting for younger players, and it will be difficult for children to play without adults).

The game is a specially equipped room. Everything is set by the room: plot, tasks and final goal of the game. There are no instructions or leading. In fact you are playing with the room itself.

It looks like a computer game. Everything is simple: there is a lock — find a key. But some solutions are close to “technical magic” and out of the “stereotype” mind. Every completed task impresses, amazes and inspires players.

Decoration, accent lighting, music — everything in the game is designed to help you deeply feel the atmosphere of chosen plot. You are practically in the film, but the plot development depends on your actions. We guarantee you a storm of emotions and impressions!

While the game is on — the doors of the room are locked. If you reach the goal in 1 hour — the doors unlock and you win. If not — the game is over, but we’ll reveal the tricks to solve the game to you. We can see and hear you all the time, and we able to support you or give you a hint.

How to play

You don’t need anything special to play the game: knowledge, physique or interne access. There’s only you and the room. So…

Search, invest
Team play
No force
Don’t touch any cables
No cheating

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